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Personal Cold and Flu Kit

Flu is a pretty annoying disease, it brings fever and other disturbing symptoms. Here are a little tips how to handle it.Flu

Provide Facial Tissues with Moisturizer

Avoid the feeling of sandpaper under your nose by keeping a box of tissues with aloe or moisturizer on hand. If you’re already sense the under nose burn, try using ointment or lip balm – just be sure to use a cotton swab when applying and don’t double dip so you don’t spread germs.

Use Disposable Toothbrushes

The first time you start feeling a cold coming on – throw away your toothbrush! Stick to the one-time use disposable brushes and use them until a few days after you feel better, then change to a brand new brush.

Choose Medicine

Having a few varieties of cold and flu medicine on hand is always a good idea, chewable tablets for your purse or backpack, hot beverages for relaxing and soothing a sore throat, and a children’s specific formula make our list of survival kit musts.

Ready a Working Thermometer

Invest in a good quality thermometer to keep tabs on the severity of your fever. Talk to your pharmacist about which type and brand is right for your family.

Feel Better Foods

The next time you make chicken soup, make a bit extra and keep it in the freezer. Keep a box of popsicles on hand to help kids hydrate (it’s OK – us adults can have them too!). Add honey to warm milk or herbal tea.

Natural, Antibacterial Cleansers & Hand Sanitizers

Chances are you already have this on hand, but cleaning your living space takes even more priority when you have a cold or the flu. Natural cleansers & hand sanitizer are great to have extras of…one for the car, the office and home!


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