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Self defense Basics

Self defense is an important skill, especially for women. Although it seems impossible to handle men which averagely has greater physical ability than women, if the timing is perfect, even a single small strike could be devastating.self defense

The groin kick is undoubtedly a natural technique that every woman possess! A well-executed kick to the groin could instantly end a brutal attack. But you have to know these things before trying to launch one.

It is only effective in ultra-close range

A good groin kick is executed from below, with a knee. Humans have this basic instinct to protect all the vital points in middle line of the body, so it will be extremely difficult if your opponent got a hint about what you are going to do.

Beware of unexpected reaction

Like getting punched on the abdomen, a groin kick forces men to bend forward, and if you are unlucky, it might turn against you.

Use the feint

How do we stop someone from noticing our next move? With a diversion of course! In self-defense, you have to attack other body parts before going exactly where you want to strike. This will stop the attackers from noticing your movement and then you can give them a good groin kick

Sway your body to the side

The secret to proper self defense execution of a groin kick is to kick while shifting your body slightly to the side as you deliver the kick. When you deliver the kick this way, you can actually deliver a more powerful kick. By shifting your body slightly to the side, you’re out of the way should your attacker’s head lurch forward.

You may not have any experience before and you don’t have time for future classes, but knowing these tricks should help you protect yourself if there is anything happen in the future.

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