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Self-Defense for Women – The Basic Thing Women Must Know

Women are not safe when they are alone, even at home. They often become targets of violence and harassment. So ladies, you need to learn how to avoid fishy situations and self-defense tactics to keep your life safe.

Avoiding risky situations in your daily life is not too obstinate. There are few things you need to study. Suppose you go to your office, try to get closer to other people. Do not wait for your bus alone. But it does not mean you stay behind their cover. You need to pay attention to the people surround you. Watching their gesture. If someone is preparing to harass you he will obviously approach you and do some negative gestures. If you get on public transport be sure not to site next to the window but choose the seat next to the lane or nearby driver. If you drive your car always keep the doors locked and the windows closed. It is not suggested you use roofless car since the strangers will be easier to attack you.

If strangers meet you and try to harass, don’t panic. Stay calm and think positively. Decide if you will run or will defend yourself. Ensure it is possible to run away or defend. If there is no one surround to help and no chance to run away, you can do nothing but prepare for the attack. It is better you learn some martial educations. You don’t need to hold high title just learn the basic to defend yourself. Then you will know how to use your hands, knees, legs, and elbows to defend yourself. You could try to hit him. Punch him at his throat or use your knees to kick his balls. Probably the damage is not very severe, but it gives you chance to run or asking for help.

This is the last step but also is crucial thing to do. Do attend a self-defense course. The experts will guide you much lessons about self-defense: analyzing situations, learning types of strangers, self-defense tricks, etc. It will teach you how to be a strong woman who can defend herself from any interruption.

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