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Dark Under Eye Circles – How to Relieve It

If you deal with face problem such as dark under eye circles, getting more sleep is not the only option since you are very busy with your work. Human needs about 8 hours/day to get enough sleep, but suppose you are a businesswoman and are forced to sleep nearly 4 hours/day. Dark under eye circles is certainly unavoidable. You need other solution more than sleep. You could try the solution by combining makeup products and skin care methods to improve your performance in the morning.

First of all, clean your face thoroughly with water to get rid of the puffiness. The fresh water will not only make your face cleaner, but also help to refresh your face.

Use an eye cream that is made for dark under eye circles and puffiness. Apply it gently on your face. If you don’t have eye cream, you can use tea bags to reduce the puffiness.

Apply a cream concealer. Choose a half shade one. Adjust with your natural skin color. Lighten the dark part under your eyes.

Apply Cream Concealer on the dark under eye circle. Use your finger to apply the cream onto your face and blend it. Adjust the cream to cover the area you want it to be.

If you follow these steps correctly, it will remove dark under eye circles for you daily. Lack of sleep is not the problem anymore. You just need to have correct makeup and methods to get rid dark under eye circles.