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Don’t be Shy and Get The Guy

Shy is the most popular reason to hide your feeling towards the one you have a crush on. By being shy, actually you let yourself covered in fear of something unreal and once again, you let a great chance to be together with your crush slip away. Shy girls have a much harder time getting a guy since they’re afraid to take risks. But no worries, these helpful hints can help you overcome those problems.shy

First, you should find the source of all your shyness. Girls are usually shy and quiet because they feel insecure or afraid of rejection. Find what makes you more confident. Wear the clothes you feel assured in, work towards the body you want, and put some make ups on if it helps you feel more beautiful to the outside world. you should give your best to achieve what you want.

This is definitely not an easy step to get over your shyness but to truly stop being shy and win a guy, you need to get over your fear of rejection. Being rejected sometimes is also a part in life but never limits who you are. Sometimes we’re rejected because the guy is a jerk and sometimes we’re just the wrong type. Not all men are interested or available. Fix what you don’t like about yourself, starting from the inside out.

How would you want to win the man you are too shy to talk to? You can silently pray for him to notice you in a bar of hundreds of people or you can introduce yourself and talk. You can’t win him if you won’t talk to him. You have to face your faces to stop being shy around guys and go take a chance to get the guy you want. This is how your new life will start over.

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