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Get Past Your Sunday Blues

Feeling tired of Sunday blues? It begins with being thoughtful about Monday. What do I have to do tomorrow, is tomorrow going to be a good day, can’t I just skip Monday all together? There a few things that can be done to balance things out so Monday doesn’t seem so bad either.sunday blues

Taking time to appreciate Sundays can be a good beginning to a more cheerful day. Plan activities that boost your mood, ignite your creativity and release those endorphins. For me, writing and crocheting is a very good Sunday activity, along with listening to favorite music that is uplifting.

Keeping yourself busy during this time is important. If you find this time the hardest time that you have, spare your favorite activities for this time only.

Think optimistic thoughts, things that will fuel other optimistic thoughts, even those thoughts about the next day. Don’t dread Mondays, it will only worsen the Sunday blues. Find the things that you have to look forward to on Monday, even if it is getting off work.

Spend time with those you love, it creates that positive vibe you need to bust those blues. Kids can be the greatest distractions; also a family pet can soothe your anxieties. Time with God is one of the very best ways to make Sundays more peaceful, going to church is great, but more importantly spending quality time with God can bring comfort to your soul.

Take a good deep breath of fresh air, it can be therapeutic to your system; walks are a good way to get your daily fresh air, plus get your body moving, stimulation the endorphins.

Meditate. Focus on relaxing your body, mind and listening to your breath.

All of these tips are good ways to fend off the Sunday blues, but also can be applied anytime anxiety or depression become an issue. It helps to have some effective ways ahead of time to work through these emotions in a positive and creative way.

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