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Handling Annoying Friend

You must have this one annoying friend that is simply getting on your nerves. This one friend is sure not the best one you’ve got so far, but somehow, you still end up together in some occasion. You need to learn how to shake off people who you not really like to be around with, and here is some tricks how to get the job done:annoying friend

Don’t talk gossip. When your annoying friend talks about people behind their backs, just leave the spot. Just pay no attention to their comments entirely. It would be easy to get sucked in, but you could get yourself into a really sticky situation. If they are gossip badly about one of your friends, say “gossip about (insert name here) that way is not funny. I won’t be your friend if you talk about people like that again, I mean it!”

Reject the nasty jokes. When they use weary humor, don’t laugh it off, or sulk when they make a nasty joke about you. You should tell them to stop it. Be serious so that they won’t think you are joking too. Tell them that they are making you upset, and that if they carry on doing this, they will lose friends, and risks the friendship they have with you. Let him know that they can just find someone else to pick on.

Don’t let them badmouth you. If your friend says nasty things about you, tell them to stop it. Tell them to go and get their own friends and stop insulting you. Tell him/her that you don’t care what faults he/she has, you love him/her anyway and that they can’t get in the way of that.
Don’t consent to them acting like a prima donna.
 If they complain when their coffee isn’t there in the morning, act cool and explain to him that they aren’t the most important person in the world.

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