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Sleeping: Could It Be Too Much or Not Enough?

Everyone needs to sleep to maintain good health. However, how much sleep one needs is still an iffy question. Some research have shown that not sleeping enough is a major cause of disturbance to daily routines, but others have shown that sleeping too much also affects one’s health just the same. The right amount of sleep helps the body to function correctly.

It is generally agreed upon that infants and toddlers need lots of sleep. As they grow into the childhood years, their development coasts and they need a few less hours of sleep. Going into adolescence, a few more hours are trimmed, and once adulthood is reached, sleep is stable with several hours. The problem now is determining just how stable these sleep hours really are.

For infants, toddlers, and children, it is generally unquestionable that they need sleep for as long as is recommended – over 10 hours, most sources say. But for teenagers, their sleep needs may actually be more stable at 7 hours. This is especially true if their activities force them to have less hours to sleep than that; it seems by just adding a little more time to sleep, their performance improves. Just a few more hours, however, may prove to have the opposite effect.

As for adults, the exact phenomenon happens, albeit they could use a little less time; they may actually be more stable to sleep at just over 6 and a half hours. Those who take more hours to sleep may put themselves at risk of common ailments including depression and obesity. Moreover, sleeping for longer hours could actually be associated with insomnia; the long hours of sleep make adults uneasy. The solution to the problem just may be to remove oneself from the bed when not sleepy and sleep as needed.

For the body to function well, an ideal amount of sleep is needed. But what constitutes “ideal” seems to be farther from the truth. Still, the fact remains that everyone needs to sleep for some time; sleeping is just too important to be ignored.

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