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Tips & Tricks : Easy Way to Cut Your Bangs Yourselves

Sometimes we are hairdresser to go to the salon only to cut or trim bangs. Instead of wasting your money, it’s better to cut your own bangs. You must not cut your bangs carelessly because if you make mistake in cutting your bangs, it will ruin your ovarall appearance

1. First, seperate your bangs from your hair, so you won’t cut wrong parts. you can seperate them with any kinds of comb.

2. You can cut the bangs in the state of wet or dry hair. But if you decide to do it in the state of wet hair, do not forget to cut it longer than the intended results. Because in the dry state, the hair will unfurl so it looks shorter.

3. Twist your bangs and put in the middle of the forehead. This will make the long bangs spread evenly by itself. Bangs on the edge of the forehead by itself will have a size longer than the middle, so the results look natural.

4. To see the shape of a perfect bangs, try to dry your hair with hair dryer. If the result is not good enough, you can rearrange your bangs by repeating the steps above.

Good luck!

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